Facilities Management (FM) Consultancy

Enhancing service provision and value for money through comprehensive FM, Asset, and Lifecycle advice.

What is a Facilities Management (FM) and Lifecycle consultancy service?

Our FM and Lifecycle consultancy service provides valued strategic support through all stages of an asset’s life, covering a vast range of building types and infrastructure projects.

We spend time understanding our clients’ strategic FM and lifecycle requirements and objectives. We work collaboratively to define, design, procure, mobilise, manage and de-mobilise fit for purpose FM and asset management services across our clients’ property estates. Our principal objective is to deliver projects which add long-term value to our client’s, which in turn benefits their customers, wider stakeholders and local communities.

How we can support your organisation

We offer a comprehensive range of advisory services tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, including in-depth process reviews, strategy development, and ongoing support. ​Our FM and Lifecycle consultancy service offering includes the following service streams:

  • FM and Lifecycle Strategic Planning and Development
  • Contract Management and Operational Support
  • FM Reorganisation
  • FM Services Specification Scoping and Performance Monitoring System Development
  • FM Procurement and Outsourcing
  • FM Insourcing Support
  • Benchmarking and Market Testing of Services
  • FM Design Review
  • Performance Monitoring and Service Audits
  • Lifecycle Costing

Outcomes derived from various FM and Lifecycle consultancy commissions vary, however improved service performance and value for money is typically achieved, to the betterment of the end users core business and its customers.

Facilities Management

Delivering Enduring Value

Our FM and Lifecycle consultancy optimises asset longevity, resulting in significant value for public sector clients. By tailoring services to specific needs, we enhance performance, ensuring cost-effectiveness and improved service delivery. Our work fosters better asset management, directly benefiting end-users and local communities.

Our experience

Our team have significant experience delivering value to clients and have worked on some of the largest and most complicated building and infrastructure projects in the UK. Our team is made up of leading industry recognised experts, who have a passion for delivering value to building owners and occupiers through our FM, asset and lifecycle advice and support.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can provide support to your FM and lifecycle asset management requirements.


FM and Lifecycle Advisory Services provide strategic advice on facilities management (FM) and the lifecycle of assets within Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts. They aim to optimise asset management, enhance performance, and ensure value for money throughout the contract duration.

This process involves defining the scope of FM services as per contract requirements, and developing a system to monitor the performance of these services against set benchmarks.

FM Procurement and Outsourcing involves identifying, evaluating, and procuring the required FM services, or outsourcing these services to third-party vendors as per the needs of the project.

FM Insourcing Support provides guidance and assistance when bringing previously outsourced services back in-house, ensuring the transition is smooth and the service delivery remains effective and efficient.

This involves comparing your FM services against industry standards or peers, and testing them against market prices and efficiencies to ensure optimal performance and value for money.

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