Benchmarking and Market Testing

Ensuring value for money and industry best practice

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts rely on benchmarking and market testing provisions to ensure value for money, service quality, and competitiveness. P2G understands the importance of these provisions and offers expert assistance at every step.


P2G provides comprehensive benchmarking services, comparing the private sector partner’s performance, costs, and quality against industry standards and best practices. Our team identifies areas for improvement, assesses efficiency, and ensures value for money. We guide the implementation of corrective measures when performance falls below expectations, ensuring optimal outcomes for public sector authorities.

Market Testing

With P2G’s support, public sector authorities can effectively conduct market testing to evaluate the cost and quality of services provided by the private partner. We facilitate the process by inviting bids from third-party suppliers and meticulously comparing their proposals against the private partner’s performance and costs. Our expertise helps identify opportunities for contract renegotiation, payment term adjustments, or even contract termination and retendering when necessary.

By partnering with P2G the public sector can unlock the full potential of well delivered services, drive efficiency and innovation, and optimise performance. P2G’s deep industry expertise, reliable data, and comprehensive solutions empowers the public sector to make informed decisions and benefit from best practices.

Overcoming Benchmarking Challenges

Overcoming benchmarking challenges is crucial for organisations seeking to drive efficiency. P2G offers a comprehensive solution, leveraging industry expertise, reliable data, and tailored recommendations. With their guidance, organisations can unlock potential, implement best practices, and achieve excellence in their industry. Trust P2G to overcome benchmarking hurdles and drive success.


Benchmarking in FM procurement and PFI contracts allows the public sector to compare the performance, costs, and quality of service providers against industry standards and best practices. It helps identify areas for improvement, assess value for money, and ensure that the private sector partners meet contractual obligations and deliver optimal services.

Market testing in FM procurement and PFI contracts enables organisations to evaluate the cost and quality of services offered by potential service providers in the wider market. It ensures competitive pricing, drives innovation, and helps organisations select the most suitable partners for their FM requirements, maximizing value for money and service quality.

Benchmarking fosters a culture of continuous improvement in FM procurement and PFI contracts. By comparing performance against industry standards and peers, organisations can identify areas for enhancement, set realistic targets, and implement best practices. Benchmarking supports ongoing optimisation, quality assurance, and the achievement of long-term operational excellence.

P2G provides specialised expertise in benchmarking and market testing services tailored to FM procurement and PFI contracts. They offer access to industry data, identify relevant benchmarks and performance metrics, conduct comprehensive analyses, and provide strategic recommendations. P2G’s support ensures informed decision-making, value for money, and improved service outcomes in FM procurement and PFI contracts.

Benchmarking and market testing in FM procurement and PFI contracts deliver several advantages, including enhanced cost-effectiveness, improved service quality, transparency in supplier selection, increased competitiveness, and a drive for innovation. These practices enable organisations to optimise performance, achieve value for money, and uphold high standards of service delivery throughout the contract duration.

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