Service Improvement

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Service Improvement

We consider service improvement to be an essential component of effective contract management. Leveraging a variety of techniques, we aim to maximise value, enhance performance, and ensure service delivery is in sync with public sector requirements and expectations.

Continuous Improvement

One part of our service improvement strategy hinges on the implementation of Continuous Improvement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Through these KPIs, we establish measurable standards that aim to improve service quality and efficiency over time. Regularly tracking these KPIs enables us to ascertain whether the services provided are progressing towards the predefined objectives or whether adjustments need to be made. By tying performance outcomes to tangible metrics, we’re able to identify potential issues early and proactively undertake necessary actions to keep performance on track.

While continuous improvement KPIs give us a broad perspective, we understand that targeted action plans are often required to address specific performance shortfalls. To this end, we develop focused strategies designed to resolve discrete issues, be it operational inefficiencies, compliance concerns, or gaps in service delivery. These plans provide a clear, step-by-step roadmap to remedy identified problems and elevate performance levels, aiding in swiftly bringing the contract back into alignment with set objectives.

Accurate Reporting

Further, the accuracy and relevance of performance monitoring significantly influence service improvement. Hence, we work closely with Project Co to establish a mutually agreed interpretation of each Performance Parameter. Understanding and agreeing on what constitutes successful performance for each parameter ensures that all parties are aligned in their expectations. This collaboration eliminates ambiguity and helps create a conducive environment for partnership, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared objectives.

Service Delivery Challenges in PFI Contracts

PFI contracts often face service delivery issues, like compliance lapses due to misinterpretation of Performance Parameters. These can cause contractual discord, affecting the efficiency of public services.  We facilitate a mutual understanding of Performance Parameters between public and private partners, preventing potential misinterpretations. Additionally, our targeted action plans address specific performance shortfalls, effectively resolving issues. With P2G, you gain a partner capable of turning challenges into opportunities, ensuring effective and enhanced service delivery within PFI contracts.

We also jointly review the methodology used to monitor these Performance Parameters. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen methodology provides reliable and accurate insights into performance levels, enabling proactive measures and improvements. Through regular reviews and adjustments, if necessary, we strive to maintain a robust and responsive performance monitoring system.

At P2G, we’re not merely observers of the process, but active participants, leading the public sector partners through the complexities of contract management. We understand that the operational phase of a contract presents a dynamic environment, often requiring adaptive strategies to ensure sustained value for money. Our experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to excellence empower us to guide our partners through this process, ensuring service delivery meets the standards of excellence expected by the public sector.

Our approach to service improvement in PFI contracts is an integrated one, combining continuous KPI monitoring, targeted action plans, and an aligned understanding of performance parameters. By employing these techniques, P2G stands as a valuable ally to public sector authorities, ensuring optimal contract performance, improved service delivery, and continued value for money.


Service improvement involves identifying areas for enhancement in service delivery, developing strategic plans, and executing these plans. It focuses on maximizing value, enhancing performance, and ensuring contractual compliance.

Service improvement helps ensure value for money in public-private partnerships. It addresses performance shortfalls, mitigates compliance risks, and promotes efficiency and effectiveness, leading to higher satisfaction and improved outcomes.

P2G works closely with both public and private sector partners to develop and implement targeted improvement plans. We also establish Continuous Improvement KPIs and promote a shared understanding of Performance Parameters and their monitoring methodology.

Continuous Improvement KPIs are measurable values that track performance over time. They help assess if services are progressing towards the defined objectives and identify areas requiring adjustments or improvements.

P2G develops targeted action plans to deal with discrete performance issues. We identify the problem, devise a step-by-step plan to remedy it, and work with all parties to execute this plan, thus enhancing overall contract performance.

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