Separating fact from fiction.

How we work with the Private Sector

We ensure that as part of the work we undertake with the public sector we address the concerns of all parties involved. We work collaboratively to ensure a fair and reasonable approach, for example we often ensure that where sums are being withheld this is only in accordance with the contract. Where not contractually compliant we work to ensure Project Co and the PFI providers maintain cash flow so that issues can be addressed and resolved.

Our view is that where PFI contracts are managed and delivered effectively and compliantly by the private sector, the public sector is able to focus on delivering services to its communities. However, there are some misconceptions regarding PFI advisory work that are debunked below.


Myth #1 Maintenance tasks are batched and logged at 5pm on Fridays, overwhelming on-site teams

Reality: We prompt clients to report issues as they arise, facilitating real-time helpdesk response.

Myth #2 PFI providers are faced with aggressive tactics.

Reality: We work with our clients to implement and manage the terms of their contract, encouraging a collaborative and sustainable approach to managing the contract and ensuring compliance and value for money.

Myth #3 There is a focus on minor blemishes to drive contract penalties.

Reality: Our focus lies in addressing major safety and compliance issues like fire protection, water safety, and air change requirements.

Myth #4 There’s a sense of being monitored by a watchdog rather than collaborating with a partner

Reality: P2G strives for constructive, cooperative relationships with all stakeholders. Our aim is not to antagonise, but to hold all parties accountable to the agreed-upon contractual terms. Our tools and portals, such as the Mitigation Portal, are designed to enhance communication, improve transparency, and facilitate collaboration. This ensures that all parties can identify, discuss, and rectify issues in real time, rather than accumulating grievances.

Myth #5 Inconsistent standards are applied across different projects, creating unpredictability for service providers.

Reality: Consistency and transparency are core principles of P2G. We follow the guidelines set out in the individual contracts which have been agreed upon by all parties. Despite the varied nature of individual contracts, we are consistent in applying principles aligned with legal requirements, good industry practice, and British Standards – elements uniformly required across all projects. Our platforms provide detailed visibility into each issue, how it is being addressed, and the corresponding contractual clause.  This approach ensures fair treatment across all projects and allows service providers to understand and predict our assessments.

Myth #6 The sum of deductions is disproportionate to the level of poor performance and non-compliance

Reality: Deductions are determined not arbitrarily, but proportionally to the severity of the issue as laid out in the contract. We understand that no operation can be perfect all the time, and our focus is on systemic or repeated failings, and safety concerns rather than isolated incidents. The system of proportional penalties is designed to foster improvement in service quality and encourage diligence, rather than to be punitive. Our goal is to uphold the terms of the contract in a fair and equitable manner to ensure that the public sector gets the service they paid for. Nevertheless, where it is in the interests of all parties we recommend relief periods so that Project Co has the opportunity to remediate wide scale issues of poor performance and non-compliance through improvement plans and rectification works.

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