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FM Procurement

Facilities Management (FM) procurement is a critical process for the public sector to obtain value for money in both Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and non-PFI contracts. P2G recognizes the significance of this process and offers comprehensive support to ensure the public sector achieves optimal outcomes.

PFI Contracts and FM Procurement

In PFI contracts, FM procurement is a crucial aspect that requires careful consideration. As these contracts often span long durations, typically 20-30 years, making the right procurement decisions is vital to guarantee efficient and cost-effective services throughout the contract lifecycle. P2G has extensive experience in managing PFI contracts and can provide invaluable guidance to public sector authorities.

One of the key ways P2G supports the public sector in PFI contracts is through shadow benchmarking of proposals made by Project Co. This involves reviewing and evaluating the proposals put forward by the Project Co against established benchmarking criteria. By conducting a rigorous analysis of these proposals, P2G ensures that the public sector receives true value for money, even without going through the traditional benchmarking and market testing processes. This approach helps in optimising costs and delivering high-quality services.

Non-PFI Contracts and FM Procurement

While PFI contracts present unique challenges, non-PFI contracts also require careful attention to FM procurement to ensure value for money. P2G understands the intricacies involved and assists public sector organisations in making informed decisions during the procurement process.

In non-PFI contracts, P2G provides expert advice on benchmarking and market testing. By leveraging their industry knowledge and expertise, P2G helps public sector authorities identify the most suitable providers and secure competitive pricing. This proactive approach ensures transparency, fairness, and value for money throughout the procurement process.

A Comprehensive Approach to FM Procurement

P2G understands the significance of FM procurement and offers comprehensive support tailored to the public sector’s needs. Their expertise spans PFI and non-PFI contracts, enabling them to assist in benchmarking, market testing, and shadow benchmarking processes. By evaluating proposals, ensuring transparency, and delivering optimal value for money, P2G’s services empower the public sector to secure efficient and cost-effective facilities management solutions.

How P2G Helps the Public Sector Achieve True Value for Money

P2G brings a wealth of experience in FM procurement across various sectors, including healthcare, education, and the Ministry of Defence. Their team of professionals specialises in evaluating proposals, conducting benchmarking exercises, and providing strategic advice tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Through shadow benchmarking, P2G ensures that proposals made by the Project Co align with industry standards and contractual obligations. This thorough evaluation guarantees that the public sector receives optimal services at competitive prices.

Moreover, P2G’s support extends beyond the procurement stage. They provide ongoing contract management assistance, helping the public sector monitor service delivery, track performance, and manage variations effectively. This comprehensive approach ensures that true value for money is maintained throughout the duration of the contract.


FM procurement is a critical process for achieving value for money in both PFI and non-PFI contracts. With expertise in PFI contract management and non-PFI procurement, P2G offers invaluable support to the public sector. Through shadow benchmarking and strategic advice, we ensure that the public sector obtains optimal services and true value for money. By engaging our services, public sector authorities can navigate the complexities of FM procurement with confidence, ultimately delivering efficient and cost-effective services to the communities they serve.


FM procurement is the process of acquiring facilities management services and suppliers for organisations. It is vital as it ensures the selection of reliable and cost-effective service providers to efficiently maintain and manage facilities. Effective FM procurement promotes operational efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced service quality.

FM procurement offers several benefits to the public sector, including access to specialised expertise, improved cost control, optimised service delivery, and streamlined facility management processes. It ensures that facilities are well-maintained, compliant with regulations, and support the organisation’s core operations effectively.

FM procurement may face challenges such as selecting the most suitable service providers, ensuring competitive pricing, managing complex contracts, and maintaining service quality throughout the contract duration. Additionally, navigating legal and regulatory requirements, conducting thorough evaluations, and aligning procurement strategies with organisational goals can pose challenges.

P2G provides expert guidance and support in FM procurement, offering services such as benchmarking, market testing, and shadow benchmarking of proposals. We leverage our industry knowledge, conduct evaluations, and provide strategic advice tailored to clients’ specific needs. P2G’s assistance ensures transparency, value for money, and optimal service provider selection.

Benchmarking is a critical component of FM procurement, as it enables organisations to compare service providers’ performance and costs. Through benchmarking, organisations can identify industry best practices, assess service quality, negotiate competitive pricing, and ensure alignment with their goals and requirements. Benchmarking promotes transparency, informs decision-making, and drives continuous improvement in FM procurement processes.

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