Mitigation Portal

Streamlining end of month reporting

Mitigation Portal

The Mitigation Portal, an innovative platform designed by P2G, streamlines the mitigation request process by ensuring timely collection of accurate information, reducing disputes, and fostering better engagement between all parties. This efficiency-inducing tool aims to alleviate the complications and time-consuming aspects associated with mitigation requests.

Mitigation Requests

Mitigation requests typically arise when a Service Provider is denied access or requires non-standard specialist parts, among other reasons. Traditionally, these mitigation processes have been hampered by incorrect information gathering and retrospective applications, leading to wasted time and resources.

The Mitigation Portal, however, changes this paradigm. It introduces a comprehensive workflow to manage mitigation requests, ensuring that necessary information is collected promptly and efficiently. The portal enables Service Provider staff to lodge mitigation requests while on-the-go, reducing retrospective applications and guaranteeing that all requisite information is collected accurately.

Efficient and Transparent

With this new approach, both Authorities and Service Providers are able to streamline their end-of-month activities by leveraging the Mitigation Portal to manage mitigation requests. This not only improves efficiency but also reduces the likelihood of disagreements, fostering better collaboration and communication between all stakeholders.

Additionally, the Mitigation Portal introduces enhanced transparency into the PFI contract management process. All parties have access to the same live dashboard, which provides real-time progress updates on all open requests. This high level of transparency ensures all parties are informed and aligned, thereby minimising potential disputes and fostering a more balanced relationship.

Furthermore, the Mitigation Portal offers an immense advantage by reducing the administrative burden associated with managing mitigation requests. The centralised location of the portal eliminates the need for processing requests through emails or other less efficient means, saving valuable time for all parties involved.

End-of-Month Relief

Reconciling mitigation requests at month-end can be a cumbersome task for PFI stakeholders, often leading to delayed resolutions and strained relationships. The Mitigation Portal by P2G offers an efficient and complementary solution, allowing real-time tracking and management of requests. This innovative platform not only minimises administrative burden but also ensures timely and accurate information collection, transforming the end-of-month reconciliation process into a streamlined, stress-free experience.

In summary, the Mitigation Portal revolutionises the management of mitigation requests within PFI contracts. It presents a balanced platform that improves efficiency, reduces administrative workload, and enhances transparency and engagement between all parties. The end result is a smoother, more efficient, and effective management of PFI contracts – a testament to P2G Contract Support LLP’s dedication to innovative solutions in PFI/PPP contract management.


The Mitigation Portal is an online platform designed to streamline the management of your PFI contract. It enables real-time tracking and efficient handling of mitigation requests, reduces administrative burdens, and enhances transparency and accountability among parties.

The portal introduces a systematic and real-time approach to mitigation. It collects the necessary information at the right time, enabling quicker approval of requests, reduces retrospective applications, and fosters better engagement and communication among parties.

The Mitigation Portal is beneficial to both public sector authorities and service providers involved in PFI or PPP contracts. It provides a collaborative environment that facilitates the resolution of disputes and promotes effective contract management.

Key features include a live dashboard for real-time tracking of open requests, an efficient system for immediate mitigation request submissions, and a transparent and centralised location for all mitigation related information.

The portal offers a seamless process for managing these scenarios. If access is denied or a temporary repair is made, the service provider can request mitigation via the portal. This is then visible to all parties, fostering prompt resolution and reducing the chance for disputes.

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